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It's actually not that uncommon in adult life to not have any "friends" not through any negative perceptions but people just naturally drift apart and don't keep in touch in their mid 20s. Too busy doing day to day stuff to maintain anything. Think it's been about five years since I spoke to anyone I met during uni or before. Quite happy just talking to my parents; my girlfriend is the same.

A relationship is also something that will happen when you least expect: the whole time I was studying I had about two dating app/site matches that spoke so I wouldn't be too discouraged by that in itself, although I would say the excessive negativity is probably offputting. If that's what's going on in your head all the time it will come across.

As you know high academics etc isn't enough to overcome a lack of soft skills and get a well paid graduate level job but remember it is just that- a lack of something. A rejection is not necessarily a slur just you aren't suitable for the position. They're probably right that someone with poor social and interpersonal skills would struggle with a graduate level job as a big part is working within teams/dealing with clients etc. It's a **** situation but things can get better as long as you always try your best and do what you can do- not much else you can.

Perhaps you are overthinking? playing these scenarios around in your head constantly, leading to poor results socially because that is what you expect of yourself. Since you acknowledge the things you mention in your first post, I'd say that's a good start as you are bound to take that on board subconsciously. I don't think you can pretend/act/suppress your way to normality you have to learn to do it without thinking.

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