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"The Electro-Higgs Photonic Interaction Theory"

I believe I have identified a key mechanism regarding the function of the Photon as it interacts with the Higgs Field. A Photon of light has a zero rest mass and no charge with only a small amount of energy inside the photon itself which can be equated to as mass through the equation M=E÷C²

While we know that the photon appears to have no charge i believe that much like the Neutron which consists of two down quarks each with a charge of -1/3 and an up quark with a charge of +2/3 giving the appearance of a neutral charge when we could surmise, that if a Neutron was once again broken down to its constituent parts we would not, in fact, reveal three Quarks with no charge, but once again we would find the Quarks to have their original charge.

I believe therefore, that the energy within a Photon may actually comprise of a +1/2 and -1/2 electrical charge which merely gives the appearance of a neutral charge due to being housed within the Photon itself when logic would suggest that the balance of the charge within must, in fact, remain in perfect balance of +1/2 and -1/2. The reason I suggest that there may indeed be charge hidden within the photon is due to the negative nature of the electron itself. If the electron has a negative charge then how can we account for the ejection of a photon containing neutral energy?

I feel there is a real possibility that perhaps I am correct and thus the possibility for the electron to have a potential electrical charge ratio of say -2(98)×10^−19C, for example, with a positive charge of +0.39782338(98)×10^−19C, then appearing to cancel from the negative charge leaving the currently documented charge we see at present of, −1.6021766208(98)×10^−19 C

This scenario could then account for the ejection of an electron with a hidden balance of +1/2, -1/2 charge within the internal mechanism of the electron itself much as the Neutron appears to remain neutral even though we know there are electrically charged components within its internal makeup.

This invisibly charged energy then becomes supercharged within Stars before making the journey into the Universe. But how can we account for not only the constant speed of light but also the constant brightness? I believe that the internal mechanism to maintain the light within the Photon as it travels hundreds or even billions of light years across the Universe works like this. If the Photon itself were to actually be attempting to travel faster than the speed of light it would present the possibility that the Photon was directly interacting with the Higgs Boson causing a disturbance within the Higgs Field due to the high velocity of the speed of light which could then theoretically actually slow the Photon itself to the constant speed of 299792458m/s due to the friction of the interaction.

During this process of engagement with the Higgs Field capping the speed of the Photon to the constant speed of light that we know it maintains I believe the second key function is also revealed. Imagine a meteor or spacecraft re-entering the atmosphere of a planet. What would we see? Naturally, we would see the resistance of the atmosphere causing both a slowing effect by means of atmospheric drag on the projectile or craft with what is referred to as aerodynamic heating causing the object to heat up as it buffers against the atmosphere of the planet.

I believe the same effect is experienced by the Photon as the Higgs Field slows the particle to a constant speed causing the supercharged energy inside the Photon to remain heated thus keeping the light luminescent throughout the journey of the Photon as it travels throughout the Universe, over time periods so vast that would surely otherwise see the supercharged energy inside the Photon cooling with the light ultimately dying out.

While my views may be radicle and naturally dismissed by many without even looking at the possibilities I have stated I suggest that far from being inaccurate that I may have indeed found a new interaction between the gauge Bosons just as the Electromagnetic Force is intrinsically connected to the weak nuclear force.

As this work of mine is original the referencing data I referred to is minimal with only my measurements for the speed of light and the currently documented charge of the electron being used from various reputable online sources, with my mathematical equation, M=E÷C² naturally being reversed from Einstein's famous equation E=MC²

Published by "papers in physics .org"

Thank you for reading.

much love 93

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