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Name is Mohamed, 20 and working as a level 3 Digital Marketer. Yesterday I got into a rant about a lot of questions which obviously I can't remember when I have started but when I mentioned something about sleeping with a transgender girl, everyone reacted to it like in a shock belief and then that's when It started to crumble. Even two days ago, I haven't enjoyed my workplace because it's rubbish and doesn't even look like a proper workplace or an office either, just looked like a massive disappoint. Bear that in mind, It happened way long when I first joined and when I became a problem to the whole colleagues. So, I know that I am not going to university because my BTEC classes are either cancelled or available anymore and Vista which is my training provider aren't supporting my BTEC like **** them because they don't do their jobs properly. I even got a girl to dislike me because she thinks i was rude but I was so fed up that she doesn't see me just not being rude but literally just telling the truth right there and there. So yh, thats where I ended up with, I'm so stressed, confused, sad and angry about how this happened. I want your advice on how can I make it better. P.S I apologised to her for my rant but she said that she needs space not that I have any problem because she doesn't treat everyone the same just treat me really different. BTW, even when she said that she likes me as a friend. it didn't see like I was going on a direction where i wanted just a lie to make me feel better.

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