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I need to get into reading so feel free to leave recommendations of your favourite books <3
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By Sarah Dessen:
♥Just Listen-grl meets AWESOME GUY(i love you owen)! who teaches her to tell the truth and open up to so many things(on my top 5 most fave books of all time lists)!
♥The truth about Forever-(TOP 3!!! AMAZING BOOK)! AMAZING GUY
♥Lock and Key-grl moves in with sister after her mom just leaves and has to adjust to a new school, (brother n law-?her siste's husband?), new friends, and a new guy♥
♥That Summer-summer story of course
♥Someone like You-grl learns to take care of herself and her friend that now has a MAJOR problem of her own(guy invlolved in here 2)!
♥Keeping the Moon-ANOTHER ONE OF MY FAVES(top 10)-dont wana screw up this summary so just look it up. its totally worth it!
♥This lullaby-remy said she would never go out with a musician-remy was wrong(so good, and I kno-weird one second summary-go lookk up the full AWESUM one, or just READ IT!!!)
♥Dreamland(I would read this after uve read some of the others. is good but sad at the same time)
-theyre all really good. she's a GREAT author! u must must must read her books!

By Claudia Grey:
♥Evernight-this is a vampire type of book and is really unpredicatble, but also has some romance in it!

By Richelle Mead:
♥Vampire Academy Series
(1)Vampire Academy
(3)Shadow Kiss
-i LOVED this WHOLE ENTIRES SERIES! it was soooo good and has action and romance in it just like twilight. unbearable cute romance. i LOVE Dimitri!!!

By Lauren Barnholdt:
♥Two*Way Street
-great teenage romance novel. b sure to check it out asap!!! is about this grl who has to take a rode trip with he ex-boyfriend. who btw(says in summary)-still likes her, but he had to break up with her for a reason that he cant tell her. so she is hating him the whole time while he is just trying to talk to her and tell her how he really feels

By Elizabeth Scott:
♥Perfect You
-ONE of mi fav books of all time! Good good goood goood goood!
and of course lord of the flie check
By Lisa McMann:
♥Fade(sequel to wake)-comes out Feb.10th!
-not really romance type books but it was still good and there is a guy and grl in here that lik each other. the guy is really caring of her, its sooo sweet!

By Kate Brian:
♥Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys
-hilarious and has a lotta girl/guy drama. about a girl who has to go and live with SEVEN guys while her parents are away for their jobs

By Maureen Johnson:
♥13 Little Blue Envelopes
♥Girl @ Sea

By Rick Riordan:
♥The Percy Jackson Series
-not romance but i LOVED IT! highly recommended series. last book(the 4th book) comes out this summer)! Involves MYTHOLOGY!!! (the greek gods…Poseidon…Aphrodite…Ar es…Zeus…Medusa...

By Daniel Waters:
♥Generation Dead
-best book to read if u luvd twilight! AMAZING! ull luv the guy in it 2!

By Melissa Marr:
♥Wicked Lovely

By John Green:
♥Looking for Alaska-sad and funny at the same time
♥AN abundance of Katherines-HILARIOUS and a great read

By Amy Kathleen Ryan:
♥Vibes- I loved this book! Sooo good! Loved the characters and the twists and turns
and of course
By Sara Zarr:
-One of the cutest love stories u will ever read!!!! ome! one of mi all time faves!!!!! MUST MUST MUST MUST READ!!!!! On mi top 10 list!!!!!!!

By Stephanie Meyer: (im sure uve read this but if u havnt…READ IT)
♥Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn

By Cheryll Klam:
♥The Pretty One
-this girl gets has nvr been really pretty. she gets into an accident and they have to make some changes to her face. people start to notice her more, but then she starts noticing a guy that noticed her all along. it is sooooo good! I loved this one!

By Ellen Wittlinger
♥Hard Love -I’ll admit. This is a weird book and I wouldn’t even have checked it out of the library if I had actually read the summary. When I got home and did I was shocked at what I would b reading, but I decided to take a chance…the book was SOOOO good and a sequel to it, LOVE AND LIES(which was also AMAZING) just came out after lik 20+ years!

-the exchange
-slow beginning but the end makes up for it entirely. Great book. No actual romance involved whatsoever tho. More adventurous and suspenseful. Very funny 2

havent read any of these yet, but i wanna this summer!!!:

The House of Night series by P.C> Cast
Need by Carrie Jones
Blue Bloods Series by Melissa De La Cruz
The host by stephenie meyer
bloom by elizabeth scott
Stargazer by claudia gray
i heart you, you haunt me by Lisa Schroeder
Ininvited by Amanda Marrone
Deadly Little Secrets by Laurie Faria Stolarz
The Black Sheep by Yvonne Collins and Sandy Redeouf
Let it snow by Jone Greene, Lauren Myracle, and Maureen Johnson
Arena by Karen Hancock
Evermore by Alyson Noel
My secret boyfriend by Lurlene cDaniel
Heartbreakers by Pamela Wells
Good girls by Laura Ruby
Vegan Virgin Valentine by Darcelyn Mackler
The boyfriend list by e.lockhart
Papertowns by john greene
The break up bible y Lemilssa Kantor
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now then lad by mike pannett
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(Original post by Anonymous)
I need to get into reading so feel free to leave recommendations of your favourite books <3
Any particular genre?

If you haven't already read it I would highly recommend Animal Farm by George Orwell - book really makes you think
I'm currently reading Eleanor Oliophant is Completely Fine which is also pretty good.
And the Percy Jackson books have a few series as well if you're into Greek Mythology.
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I recommend the podcast: Backlisted.

This is dedicated to lost, forgotten and neglected books. Backlisted is a great source of reading recommendations that won't get from elsewhere. I'm completely addicted, and have spent a fortune on novels as a result - I have not had one bad recommendations yet though!

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