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So, my boyfriend was meant to be coming to see me yesterday after uni to drop off some stuff for me. However he got ill and didn’t go to uni so obviously didn’t come to mine after. He was going to come later that day with his little brother as we was meant to go out then, and bring the stuff then. However the stuff he was bringing was things for a fish tank which would take a while to sort out as the tank needed draining. And I didn’t want his brother going through all my stuff for a long time as he’s only young. So I told my boyfriend to not bother to bring the stuff or to come earlier before we went out. Baring in mind I only live 20 minutes away from him. And he started having a go saying he wasn’t driving 20 minutes to just drop off the stuff. So again I said to just not bring it and I’d get it another day. But then after saying he wouldn’t drive 20 minutes for me, he then goes driving his parents round for an hour. And then gets home and then takes his sister out for another hour in his car. So after saying he wouldn’t drive 20 minutes for me. He then drives his family round for 2 hours. He thinks I’m being stupid for being mad. But seriously after saying he won’t drive 20 minutes for me, but then drives 2 hours for his family, I really don’t think I am being stupid. What does everything think?
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No your not overeacting

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