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The Best Societies

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The student cinema is a good one to join, they basically show all the stuff standard cinemas do but only charge about £2 a ticket. And the termly All-Nighter where you stay up all night watching 6 or 7 films is great fun.

Sports clubs sucked a bit I think, I joined cheerleading only to find after the first few sessions a squad was picked (almost entirely from the existing members) and no-one else was allowed to practices but "are perfectly welcome to socials" which is brilliant as obviously the 60 or so freshers that joined did so only for the drinking. Lots of other societies focus too much on drinking than the sport itself, especially WarwickSnow! The motto "banter not victory" says it all.
Students on campus at the University of Warwick
University of Warwick
How much does the trip cost, on average? I'm sure there are a bunch of things that'll make it more expensive - kit hire, ski hire, lessons etc. But, just wondering...

Too much! Snow is mainly for the rich kids. It must be as you see the same people going on the trip and considering how much it costs...I know people who went one time for the experience and others who go repeatedly and take thier own kit because they love snow. So you do get a mix but you need a lot of disposable income.
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what would you say is the best running club??

thx :smile:

Athletics and Cross Country! Is the road-running, jogging and cross-country running club.
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Ski Tour would probably be around £450 on average which for what you are getting is great value.

It was really immense last Christmas. Brilliant experience.

Sports clubs might suck for those who suck at sports but I know loads of freshers who have got involved in loads of clubs all year round and are now on exec's etc. for next year. (Inc. Cheerleading & Snow)