I have trouble finding and setting tasks as revision. Watch

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Hi all.

I thought I would post this under Arts and Humanities due to my subject choices, and it's relevance to my issue.
My three A level subjects are Music, English Literature and History.

Many revision guides and study techniques involve setting tasks as the first step, such as the Pomodoro Technique.
I find this step extremely difficult.

In my lessons, we are taught various parts of the courses and given homework, however we don't get much homework overall and it is mostly minor and not time consuming at all.
As a result, all my 'tasks' will need to be set by myself or external sources.

The issue is I find it very difficult to do so, and here's why:
-In History, our main resource is the textbook. Whilst the textbook is useful, copying notes out of it into my own words feels incredibly wasteful and not conductive to effective revision. I do read through it, but I feel that making notes on it is not useful.
Since we don't really get homework, I should use other texts, right? The issue being we have no wider reading list, and all the books we have covered extracts from in class are either extremely hard to find, expensive, or simply not available at all.
-In English, we do lessons based on themes, scenes, chapters and poems. My notes for English have been slightly easier to make, as I have mainly found critics of the texts (Othello and Atonement), and made notes on themes and done scene analysis, however I still run it to the problem of; what next? - there never seems to be a structure to these notes, it rather a case of thinking "Oh, I'll do some of that!" and filing it away, never to be looked at again.
-In Music, the lack of people doing it, and the lack of texts, critics, writing, or anything on the sections that we are doing makes doing out of class work extremely difficult. There really isn't much that we can do, and the four other people in my music class have the same issue.
We have no course textbook at all for this subject.

The overall issue is that, in comparison to more straightforward learning based subjects like the Sciences and Maths, I find it very difficult to find tasks to do, meaning that, as helpful as revision/study techniques may be, I find myself unable to get close to doing them.

I'm really stuck for help on this one, and I don't have any solutions that come to mind.
Any input would be hugely appreciated.

hajra afzal
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hey. I can help u with ur problem. can u inbox me
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