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I'm currently in the middle of MU123 at the Open University, and very much enjoying it. My maths 'career' at school was lamentable, and it had been four decades since I last held a calculator in my hand, or spoke the word 'algebra', and so this course has been horrendously hard - I have been tearing my hair out regularly, and were it not for my wife who is a maths genius and also a great inspiration, I would probably have given up.

But I'm glad that I haven't, and my aim now is to enroll in a mathematics and physics BSc at the same uni.

That means S111 as from this autumn, but that's likely to be quite light on mathematics, from what I've heard. I shall thus be using the time from June (when MU123 finishes) until autumn 2020 to keep learning and revising, by going through MU123 again, in a private capacity. Come 2020, then, it will be the first maths courses: MST124 and MST125.

MST124 and MST125 are both 30-credit courses, so are they doable in one year, or would I be better to spread them out over two? Especially since I work full-time.

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Hi David,

I am currently working through MST 124. I've just finished the Trig section today. My advise is to look at it "mathematically". I am planning on doing the q31 OU degree in Maths...and then perhaps taking further modules in Physics in the years to come( if I get bored). I have a strong background in pre university maths, have tutored students for their final exams. I average 16 pages of reading a half hour. That might seem like a lot but for me most of what I'm reading in revising. A good idea might be to spend a half hour a day reading through the material (and doing/or exercises) and keep a record of how many pages you do in a 5 day period. You can then accurately estimate what you can get done in a year.
Then there is the element of aptitude to consider. I have found that many of us struggle or fight our way through initial math studies simply because the brain is working on opening up and wiring those pathways. Disclaimer: Not a scientist, just how I see it! Often a student can initially struggle to grasp logs or differentiation for example (me included), but once a good foundation is laid, it can be like reading a book in later studies if you have the aptitude for it. Also, ask yourself, how well do I remember what I have studied? And what is my learning style? If your sure its what you want to do, go for it but also approach it logically so that you can have realistic expectations.
I've no doubt, come second and third year, I'll be tearing my hair out but hopefully loving the challenge!
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Thank you for that. I am really suffering at the moment, as I'm knee-deep in the quadratic equations unit on MU123. It is monstrous. My wife finds it laughably easy, but then, she is brilliant at maths. Yesterday afternoon, I was in 'self harm' territory, it was that bad. Then I stepped back and tried to get some perspective. I've now gone back to the beginning of the unit, and I am taking extensive notes, and not moving on until I have completely understood each part. Previously, I was like, 'Well, you know.. that bit will no doubt become clear'.

No. Either it becomes clear now, or I keep at it until it becomes clear.

But on reflection, I believe that spreading MST124 and MST125 out over two years, is a safer bet.

Again, thank you for the advice.

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