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Just wondering on a bit of advice nothing to lose Am 30, After school went to college did health and social care,however halfway though had epileptic seizure...soldiered on & passed both years merit. After that went in to a very very dark place went back to work and worked for 3 years in a crap job. Decided it was time to try and pull myself together so did an IT practitioner course as I liked computers (still do). Complete the 2 year course. Went on to complete another year. Then was privlidged enough to live in New Zealand for a year. Had to come back so applied and got in to university where I did a foundation year and Computer science course. I Completed the foundation then, in university the course was altered, they removed our placement years without telling me, then put me on wrong modules which I had to fight for them to sort. They never sorted it. After months of seeing course leads and hr and the hub...I gave up hope and dropped out... I know I should have kept trying to sort it but it wore me down too much. Out of pure panic I went to the job center and they said why not do Sia course for a quick job. I did that and it's the biggest mistake of my life....just as I was pulling myself together again my brother's fiancé died and because I couldn't save her again I went to a dark place again. Now am ok fine but in a **** job, struggling with life. I've tried applying for training courses but they either pay peanuts or you have to pay. I have asked about adult apprentaships but apparently there just classed as apprentaships for everyone but again the money is so crap I don't know how anyone could live on that money ..I need to get out of this job. I'm relearning programming g and can animate so I do that on the side but I don't know why I can't get a trainee not daft I've just screwed up. Only thing I can think is it's down to my age 😥 I dunno. Has anyone struggle or had any probs or anything similar?

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