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So there's 2 approaches I can take to primary teaching (that's what I've been told)
U can do the course to teach 3-7 (nursery to yr 2) or 5-11 (yr 1-yr 6)

Which one is the fastest route? (I don't want to stay in uni for too long or have to take multiple courses if I can help it) and also, what courses wud I need to take for each so I can look more into it

Which route will lead to a generally "better" financial job/situation?

If any teachers are here, which do u think is most rewarding and why? Which do u think is most stressful and why?

Which is in more demand (if any)

Can I go into teaching by taking the a-levels sociology, psychology and law? (I wud rather do that) or shud I do a lvl 3 BTEC early years educator?

Any advice for people looking to do teaching?

If there is any other info u think is useful plz send cuz I want as much help before I full decide if I want to go into teaching as it is something I really want to do

The reason I ask which one wud be better is because I want to teach receptions to yr 2 and that's inbetween both but maybe in the future I wud like to teach older kids in primary...

Thanks for any help ❤

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