Decline Loughborough/Lincoln for Sheffield?

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I have applied for Business Management and have received offers from Lincoln and Loughborough.

Lincoln is nice, really good accommodation, decent course. I know some people there already so there will be a sort of safety net for me to fall back on in the event I don't make any friends. I see this as a pro but also a con because part of me may regret playing it safe with it being close to home.

Loughborough is quite far away, lovely campus and great course but I am concerned I could get bored there after a while as the town is quite small.

However I have recently discovered Sheffield and I really liked it. Endcliffe looked fab and I loved how green the city was.

I am debating rejecting my offers from Lincoln and Loughborough and applying to Sheffield via UCAS Extra.

My concerns with this are:
a) there is no guarantee sheffield will even accept me, I could decline my offers and then be rejected, which would suck.
b) even if I am accepted Sheffield may not do so until, say a month. I wanted to apply for accommodation straight away in hope of getting my #1 choice but this could leave me with whatever is left.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you
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That's a difficult one...

My instincts would be to feel out Sheffield, send them an email asking about applying, they should be able to give you a decent idea of whether you'll be accepted or not.

Another option is adjustment, although I'm going to guess that this wouldn't allow you to firm Loughborough.

Sheffield's accommodation isn't first come first serve if I remember correctly, and their spillover accommodation (Sheffield 3) ain't too bad other than being quite far from Endcliffe (though there are tonnes of buses which you can get from the uni which isn't too far away and will head up that way). I don't know what the situation is for Lincoln and Loughborough.

For Loughborough, while the city is relatively small and a bit dreary I haven't heard anyone who actually attends there who doesn't like living there or who has gotten bored of the place, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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