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Hi, I'm new to this site. I will be sitting my English Lit GCSE exams in May, and am currently working on answering exam type questions.

I will be 13 when I sit the exam as a private candidate, and would really appreciate some feedback.

I'm sure I can do better than this; previous essays have been graded between 5-8 by my tutor, but I seem to be struggling a bit with this question.

Many thanks.

How does Shakespeare present the relationship between Banquo and Macbeth?

In Act 1, Shakespeare presents the relationship between Banquo and Macbeth as an unbreakable friendship. They have fought together in battle and it strengthens their bond. However, there are also signs of fragility which will lead to their friendship falling apart.

In Act 1 Scene 3 Banquo appears jealous that the witches give Macbeth predictions of noble and royal ascendancy “my noble partner you greet with present grace, and great prediction of noble having and royal hope” while telling him nothing” to me you speak not”. Banquo clearly feels that he deserves to be King more than Macbeth and is frustrated that the witches give these predictions to Macbeth. Suddenly the unbreakable bond between the two men is becoming strained, they are being driven apart by ambition. This idea is given a stronger foundation when the witches give Banquo the prediction” thou shalt get kings, though thou be none “. What we can infer from this, is that the witches are trying to drive Macbeth and Banquo apart, leading to mass chaos and destruction

In Act 2, Banquo begins to suspect Macbeth of Killing King Duncan “and yet I fear thou did’st play most foully for’t”. At the same time Macbeth begins to fear that Banquo is a threat to his supremacy, so has him murdered. Shakespeare shows us just how weak the bond between the two men is by this point, that Macbeth can order Banquo’s murder without a second thought. However, Macbeth later envisages Banquo’s ghost at the feast. In reality it is his conscience manifested in Banquo’s ghost. Though he believed him to be a threat, Macbeth cannot escape the guilt of having murdered his lifelong friend.

In conclusion, Shakespeare begins by presenting the relationship between Banquo and Macbeth as an unbreakable lifelong bond between the two men of war. However, as the play develops, the bond is weakened, through the witch’s influence, and Macbeth’s treacherous actions, till eventually Macbeth orders Banquo’s murder.

Again, thanks in advance.
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