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I'm sitting my nat 5 modern studies in May and I have no idea how to study for it. It feels like there is too much to memorise especially with examples for each question I could maybe be asked.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated as I want to do well.
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Try writing things down in bulletform. The actual process of writing helps you to remember - and then you can just look at your bullet points and hopefully remember the padding around the topic. Set aside about an hour a night after school to work - where it is quiet. Do small and often with regular short breaks - about 5-15 minutes each hour, so that you fully concentrate when you are actually revising.
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I personally find it way to hard to remember all the evidence so this is what my teacher told me to do -
Revise all topic areas so you are able to do every point and explain you might need THEN try and learn evidence. For example say you’re doing 1 hour of Mods revision do 20mins of evidence and 40mins of revising topics.
My teacher told me that you don’t actually need any evidence at all and you can still get full marks - in a 4 marker question if you can think of a single piece of evidence then just do an extra point and explain and in a six marker if you can’t think of any evidence do two extra points and explains.
If you do 20mins of revising key bits of evidence every time you revise then you should have actually quite a bit - you’ll be surprised how quickly you can actually memorise it!

As for tips on how to memorise it - take a sticky note or flash card and write what the evidence is (e.g ‘Types of sentencing’ ‘Prison Senteces’) then underneath write your evidence. If you stick these sticky labels in places you frequently go around the house you’ll start to memorise them easily, this along with 20mins a day will be fine.

I don’t know how your school give you your evidence but I have an evidence bank I use that has evidence from every single topic (Crime and Law, Democracy and USA) I would be happy to share it with you if you think it would be helpful.

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