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Really confused which uni to choose as I want good uni life and scared London won’t give me that. Applying for fashion marketing and branding at NTU and public relations and communications at LCF sept’19. Someone plz give me advice or message me on Instagram louisesherlock
Plymouth College Of Art
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Hiya Louise,

Although I cannot speak specifically about those courses and institutions, I have been in your position before so I know how hard it is to make that decision. Hopefully I can help you, but if not, me bumping this post may mean you get some replies from people who have previously or are currently studying on those courses.

The one thing I thought the most about when choosing which university to attend was the city that I would be situated in. I knew that I would only do well in a city that felt like my new home, and a place where I would be happy and comfortable, as I think that that is key to achieving your full potential and allowing yourself to grow over the 3 or so years that you will be there for. If you're worried that you won't get what you want out of London, then it is important to figure out whether Nottingham will give you that, also.

Whilst it is important to make sure you're in the right place on the right course, it is not the be all and end all. If you did start a course and realise you didn't like it or you didn't feel happy in the city itself, you can change this and it is pretty common for people to feel this way. The university knows that you won't be doing your best somewhere that you aren't happy and so they will support the decision to move if that is what you decided to do.

In terms of the city, think about where you would be happier living and why, and where you think would suit you best. In terms of the courses; which university has the best facilities and which allows students longer access to both equipment and lecturers/ tutors? Which has modules that suit you better? You can usually find module break-downs on the course page of the website or prospectus.

My advice is to think carefully about which city, which university and which course provides what you want and you need.

Hope this helps,
Second Year BA(Hons) Photography Student and Student Ambassador at Plymouth College of Art

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