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Hi, just wondering if anyone has any advice or a similar experience that they could share. I have been invited to interview and as part of the interview I have been asked to bring an object or resource that is important to me and to do a presentation about the object. The presentation is just to the interviewers and fellow applicants and it just says to talk about the object for 2 minutes. I am overthinking it a little and trying to link it back to teaching but it doesn't say to teach something about the object and the examples they have given are a book, resource, artefact or photo? Anyone have a similar experience?
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Hello Sabina.

I have just had the same type of thing, and received positive feedback.

It sounds like you have received very skant instructions, which isn’t very fair for you!

However, this is your opportunity to demonstrate that you will make a good teacher. That’s the bottom line. That’s what they’re trying to decide.

I.e. Don’t hold up a holiday photo and tell them why your family is so important to you. This has to be relevant.

Find an object that is relevant to the current curriculum, tell that the age it would be for, tell them what subject it would be for, and which cross-curricular links it may have. How could it encourage independence, child-centred learning, personalised learning?

Tell them how it would fit into a lesson. Wats your starter activity? How it would motivate, inspire and engage pupils with all different needs. Demonstrate that you understand children learn in different ways - VAK, group vs solitary.
Talk about a learning objective.
Finally, talk about a plenary - how the children can understand what they’ve learned, and how future lessons could develop their understanding further.

Talk about the role of schools, that they must address things other than just the curriculum and also help children develop social, cultural and emotional skills. You could touch on mental health perhaps? Is it a deprived area? Does it have high EAL? How does your object address these issues?
Is it accessible for everyone? What about SEN? What about the highly gifted?

Those are just my ideas. I had the pleasure of watching 5 other presentations, they were all excellent, but mine was by a very long stretch, the most ‘nerdy’.

So, maybe use some of these ideas, but I honestly did get a bit too carried away! You’ll be fantastic, and 2 mins is not a very long time at all.

Best of luck!

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