How is the BA Geography course at UCL and how flexible is it?

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Hi!!!!! I'm a keen environmentalist and interested in sustainability, environmental studies and sciences, sustainable development, etc. I applied to geography at ucl as it is the closest thing they have to environmental/sustainability studies. I've looked at specific modules in this course and find only a few of them like Human Ecology quite related to what id like. The only issue is that theres little focus on governance,policy and possibly environmental politics and economics. Another issue is that in first year these env type courses are all in the first term and not spread out.

My question for ppl who take this course, is it possible for you to tweak it and take modules that are very environmental based? I dont mind geography heavy stuff but am less interested in physical geography like studying ocean rock systems or geophysical hazards. I understand its still a geography course, but how "environmental studies" focused can I make it?

This is really helpful as im also considering Leeds which has the perfect and exact course and interests me... but I cant let go of the possibility of studying in London and the more job/career/misc opportunities at UCL!!!!! Please help me decide what to firm!

Thank you!!!

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