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Got my mock results back on monday and i got CCDD. My exams are in 79 days and i have already made notes. I do AS maths, biology, chemistry and physics. My friends got higher than me and they shove it in my faces. What do i do? I normally dont react to them and try to keep my head high but everythings getting to me. :,)
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I got those grades a few years ago and I was in your position exactly. I didnt end up doing well at the end because I always thought I didnt have enough time. 79 days might seem like nothing to you but its a lot to change things, despite what your teachers say. Your teachers might tell you you can only get one grade better but that's totally not true.

It might seem you have a lot to do but the secret is do things in small chunks. Its harder to think about studying 1 years worth of work in 79 days but its easier if you study a chapter every two or three days. Sacrifice your entertainment and focus on your studies. It is very very very possible to get at least Bs in your case, starting from today. Another thing is if you do waste time, don't let that make you waste the next day, you have to keep going and use every second.

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