UCL Private Student Accomodation for PGCE Student?

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I have just accepted my offer with UCL to be on the PGCE course this September but I am feeling overwhelmed with trying to find accommodation in London. Apparently UCL don't offer post grad accommodation to UK students?

Can anyone please recommend some sites I have been searching and searching and everywhere is ridiculously expensive with at least 35-40 mins plus on the train away from UCL. The maximum I can really afford is £185 per week for a 42 week contract.

Looking at the accommodation pictures within this price range they all seem pretty grim compared to if I were to find accommodation in Manchester for this price to go to UoM I would get much more for my money.

Can someone please advise me on what to do/where to look.
Student Roost - London
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Hi there,

Are you still looking for accommodation? Have you tried looking at private accommodation?

If you are able to expand your budget a little why not look into our private accommodation? At Student Roost we offer en-suites from £199 per week and offer tenancy lengths between 45-51 weeks which would mean for the remaining 3 weeks you will need to find a replacement tenant which we will hep with.

It is conveniently located 20 mins away from UCL which falls well within the distance you require. We are also offering a 2 weeks free early arrival if you book with us before the 31st Aug so hurry as rooms are selling out by the minute! For more info please see our website: https://www.studentroost.co.uk/accom...annequin-house

If you require any assistance please feel free to contact us!

Good luck accommodation hunting!

The Mannequin House Team
([email protected] .uk)

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