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I’ve been doing ballet since I was 3 and I definitely want to do it at uni, as well as maybe picking up other dance styles. The problem at the moment is that my current ballet teacher is not my favourite person...
Since I about 8-16 (I’m still 16) I’ve had the same ballet teacher, but she currently teaches another class when I have mine, so we have a different teacher. This teacher is all right but she gets really angry and tells me I’m not trying/working hard enough when I’m trying my best! It really demoralises and upsets me. I was in tears after last weeks lesson because my old teacher was so lovely and I miss her.
I should be doing my exam in April but I really don’t feel ready for it, as we’ve had half the usual time to prepare for it and I’ve missed quite a few lessons. Also we’re doing our school show in September and I’m looking forward to it.
So I guess I’m asking what to do:
- I could move to just have private lessons with my old teacher which would be much more expensive and potentially inconvenient
- I could not do the exam which would be a bit annoying as I’ve been working towards it
- I could quit which I don’t want to do as I love ballet
- I could stick at her class even though she really puts me down and makes me feel terrible

Please help! Thanks

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