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GCSE English literature should not be compulsory

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Original post by fish finger fan
If I was in this situation, then I wouldn't need to use quotes from Shakespeare's plays.

You use the quotes to demonstrate that you have identified the salient section. Your employer will also need you to quote salient parts, to relate them to the whole and to the important message derived from it. In meetings or conferences you will need to have such things in your mind and be able to mention them. Do not think you can abandon the skills and forget them, lest you fail to benefit from what you are learning and experiencing, and make thus yourself less valuable to future employers.
What I am saying, is that in English language you are given an extract and told to analyse it (amongst other things), this fits in with your scenario, and is why I feel that English language should remain compulsory.
I totally agree with u.....english lit is just :angry:
English literature is just pointless it is just skills that are taught already in other subjects.
As much as I hate to admit it, GCSE English Literature actually has helped me more than I thought it would. This is especially true during my intercalated BSc at Med School. The techniques I learnt in analysing is something which I didn't really learn elsewhere (except maybe History...) and more importantly, putting that into writing is something which I learnt there too.

You have my sympathies though, I hated the damn subject. Just make up all sorts of rubbish and explain it, and you'll be fine. There was some poem called Blackberry Picking which came up in my exam and it was literally just about picking blackberries. In my exam, I talked about how it made me think of vampires and stuff and the examiner gave me an A*. :dontknow: (But still, there were useful skills, as I've said)
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