German, Geography or Sociology to go with History & Economics for my GCSE options?

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Hi, I am in Year 9 and need to choose my 3 options. I am going to do Economics and History, and am deciding what to do for my 3rd option. The ones i am left with that I would consider are German, Georgraphy or Sociology. Alot of people are telling me it would be too hard to take both History & Economics, alongside either Geography & Sociolgy - and i'm not really keen on any other subjects available which just leaves German, which i worry will also be hard! Has anyone got any advice/thoughts?!
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pick the ones you enjoy and are good at because year 9 options dont matter. i do history and sociology and heres my pov

sociology - quite a bit of content but i find it interesting. personally its the easiest subject for me. i learned things such as research methods, crime & deviance, inequality (gender, age, sexuality, disability etc), about the family and education.
history - quite heavy on the content and you need to have a good memory and be quick at writing cause you need to answer 4 markers, 6 markers, 8 markers, 12 markers and 16 (+3spag) markers in an hour/1 hr 15 mins in the exam. i enjoy it and learned about america in year 10 and depression, war & recovery and changes in crime and punishment in year 11. i do wjec exam board

my friend does geography and says she doesnt enjoy it and learns about rivers a lot lol.. but i dont know what its like as i didnt take it

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