Became depressed after changing schools for a-levels

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After changing schools, I've noticed a huge difference about how I feel about life, my confidence and anxiety when doing things. I changed schools as my school didn't offer the same high quality teaching for science as my previous school. I must admit some came from some bad stuff in my personal life. But a lot came from school. I've never been anywhere that has that much bullying and being popular by being horrible to others. Like calling someone a swear word or something racist is really 'funny'. My brother said I just got in a bad year. I don't know I just feel disheartened. Whenever I become friends with someone, others are like stop talking to the new kids. People are so unfriendly. (I also do 3 a levels so not much chance to mix as no one does clubs in college or anything. I'm hoping uni will be a good change? (I'm in y13 now thank god) Hopefully I'll start feeling happy again. I used to be pretty talkative and positive but have seen a huge shift.
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Oh poor thing. I hope you will find a way to overcome your struggles and anxiety. Your life should not be weighted down by these things. Speak to your parents or adult you trust. It can lighten the burden you carry.
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Yeah, I stayed at my school for 6th form and all of my friends moved away to bigger colleges and now I've relapsed into depression and anxiety etc. I see my friends occasionally, but now I'm realising that my relationships with them aren't great and that my parents are actually really quite **** parents, which altogether sucks. I don't have many clubs that I can join because I'm in a small town mainly populated by old people, tourists and *****y students who make horrendous jokes about things like racism, disabilities, the LGBTQ+ community (which I'm part of so that sucks even more) etc. I'm just keeping my head down and working as much as I can (without making myself worse) and holding out until I finish school and can leave to go to uni or on a gap year (if I save enough)

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