Manchester, Leeds, or York for university?

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I've got offers from Manchester, Leeds, and York and can't decide where to go.

I love the historical, small city of York but I also want great nightlife that Manchester and Leeds can provide. I love York's campus but I also like that Manchester and Leeds are more city based and less travel is involved.
I'm gonna be studying nursing and all these unis are great for it so it's not like one is better than the other. How do I decide where to go?

Any input is appreciated, thanks.
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I only visited universities teaching Nursing degree up in Scotland this last October 2018, but the four that I visited , all did things just a little bit differently. You end up with the same degree and same respect, wherever you qualify.

So it does come down to feelings and practical things. Manchester, big, exciting, canals. Wet.
Leeds (I'm a tyke) centre of the universe, lots of hospitals, slightly drier compared to that unmentionable damper side of the Pennines.
York, is posh. Nice too. Does it have a hospital? I'd have imagined bijou NHS boutique clinics, with roman frescoes & ghosts!

Seriously tho' , the near future of nursing is all about tech, robots, treating people better outside of the hospital environment, turning people's homes into cleaner, comfier, centre's of "wellness", as much as possible (note: also solves the bed crisis, as most have one at home, might allow constant budget)

Did one of the courses promise anything AR/VR future based for Nursing - as that's the one that I would choose, though I get that it will roll-out gradually, budget, staff, brexit dependent (sell-off to another country?) etc maybe you'd prefer the older qualities of traditional nursing, whilst the future telemedicine sorts itself out

Back to practicalities, for your 'summer holiday' spent somewhere inside the sunny NHS, would the eventual choice of which teaching hospital or outreach practice you prefer to be in July & August have a bearing on your three choices of excellent universities? Which would be cheaper?

good luck!

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