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I have a severe condition called pectus carinatum
It is where the chest sticks out instead of being flat
It has gotten progressively worse and although I have been given the green light for surgery I have no idea when it’s going to get done and summer is coming up and the thought of having to wear t shirts makes me sick
I haven’t been swimming or been on holiday for 3 years and it’s made me so depressed I can’t put it into words
My family always tell me no one notices it but I feel like people can so I don’t wear t shirts
I’ve tried building muscle but it’s too bad to cover with muscle
Help.Please. I almost feel suicidal and I just don’t know what to do anymore
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Great news that you have been given the go-ahead for surgery. You will feel better if you take some positive action by making enquiries about when this will be. Sometimes you have to push to get what you need. And if it is affecting your mental health, all the more reason for things to get underway asap. So don't be afraid to revisit the doctor and state your case.

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