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Hi all
My daughter is currently on PGCE (Lifelong Learning Sector)
She is doing really well in assignments but over the last few months has developed some serious lung issues which are currently under investigation and we may have some answers and a plan in the next month or so
The upshot is that it was hard to find a placement initially and now she has one she loves but is struggling to meet the hours each week with multiple hospital appointments, recurrent pneumonia etc
She is trying her best to go in, has a DSA in place but her latest presentation was marked down for 'unprofessional' delivery for coughing, struggling to breathe and wheezing throughout. She is now really concerned about the observations and whether it would be best to complete these once the experimental treatment she is on has a chance to kick in (possibly next year)
I guess what I'm asking is if she has to repeat PGCE next year would it be possible to transfer the coursework and units completed over onto that course and gain exemptions to allow her to concentrate on her placements
Shes definitely not a quitter but is worried about failing if she cannot meet the required hours and / or standards at present
Thanks for any advice
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Sounds like a question for her course provider. But in all seriousness, her health has to come first. School kids really aren't worth getting ill over!

Good luck!

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