First day as COVER WAS AWFUL! Don't want to go back! Watch

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From the viewpoint of a year 11 girl, it’s true that cover teachers are the least respected - mainly because most of the time they don’t (seem to) be knowledgable in the subject that they’re covering so they are pretty much useless. I don’t know the training process that cover teachers do, but from a student’s perspective: a cover teacher is not a real teacher so why care.
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(Original post by TeaAndToast22)

So as the title says, I am a graduate and looking for some work before I return back to Uni for PGCE (but unsure now).

I went in today for the first time to an all girls school and it was horrendous. I want to highlight that this school is in a posh area. I couldn’t control the kids, they were walking in and out as they pleased, despite me telling them to stay. Whilst some ran out of the class early when I turned my back for a second. I had another assistant teacher there aiding a special needs girl and when I went to her for help as the girls were familiar with her, she sort of shrugged it off… ‘well it’s coming to the end of year’ ‘they’re making huge decisions at this age’ etc etc. But how does this excuse such bad behaviour? Girls were swearing, throwing things out the windows, defying me. I asked one girl to get back into her seat and she said to her friends ‘I don’t talk to strangers’ and completely ignored me. I was asked to come in tomorrow but said rather bluntly that I could not believe the behaviour at all and would rather not.

I found the SEN teacher slightly annoying too, she seemed to not care what they were doing and when I sent a girl out for being rude, she came to me seconds later and said ‘miss, you need to build bridges with her, she is autistic.’ Ok, but how does being rude and making comments help this behaviour? I don’t understand why she was making it seem my fault for not knowing she was autistic (again as someone who has an autistic brother, how does this seem ok)? Furthermore, their teacher left a 70-page booklet for them to do, the silly girls didn’t do that, they were online shopping so when I did point this out to the SEN teacher she said ‘well miss, they said they have done the booklet so they are studying for something else.’ But it was a 70-page booklet set online TODAY…

How do I deal with this - I had them for a double period and I honestly wanted to scream and shout. I was kind too, wasn’t strict and they took advantage of the fact I am a cover. I don’t even want to go back to school. It has entirely put me off applying for PGCE. I would not know what else to do with my degree...

I'm a graduate cover supervisor at the moment as well. This sounds like a carbon copy of my first cover lesson back in September. 6 months later and they listen just fine. You mention being kind. I mean you need to go in there and mean business. You need to find a balance between joking with them when they come in and asserting your authority. I find that if you deal with the first person to push the boundaries too far with a firm/slightly harsh hand that they will all fall into line. e.g. one students get there phone out, take it off them and deliver it to there head of year ect.

I want to stress that cover teaching is not the same as teaching. Don't let it put you off. As a cover teacher you don't have time to build relationships with these students and so they are likely to mess around. Keep going, you can do it! I have just got a longer term cover position in one school and the kids get used to you quickly and start to behave.

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