Is sex painful with a tight foreskin? Watch

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I am a 15 y/o guy and my gf and i have wanted to have sex for about 2 months now but i keep telling her that we have to wait because my foreskin is too tight. So i’ve been doing the stretching and i’m now able to retract all the way down when i’m flaccid but i can’t even go half way down my glans when i’m erect. So my question is: Can we have sex (with a condom) with my condition without it being too painful?
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Firstly, you should wait until you can both legally consent to sex (16 in the UK).

Secondly, you do want to be able to retract your foreskin for cleaning purposes. Quite often males who have never retracted their foreskin assume that they can't. I'd encourage you to practice in the bath/shower. If you can't I'd pop along to the doctor. They can give you a steroid cream and show you how to practice.

On pain, if you're currently not in pain then it's unlikely you'll find sex painful. Not being able to retract your foreskin may reduce the strength of the sensation you feel but it shouldn't make sex difficult or painful.

When you are ready for sex, remember to protect your partner and yourself by using protection, the simplest of which for males is a condom.
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