Glasgow biology - or Durham economics?

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Hi all, I'm an international student applying for the 2020 entry. I've now received a few offers, but I'm quite torn between them so I'll like some advice on here.

I've applied to Glasgow and Durham, and I've been offered a place in UofG's microbiology. The issue is my ideal course (economics) rejected me and Durham has offered me the course.

For me, the pros and cons of each place is:


- studied here before as an exchange student
- much cheaper living than Durham
- very good friends in UofG, feels like I can fit into the uni and city very well, used to the uni environment - I especially like how the uni students don't feel isolated from the city
- been studying biology since secondary school, has a diploma in veterinary science

- Biology has decent job prospects, especially given that Scotland seems to want talents in biology, but I have little interest and I need to study very hard for okay results
- 4-year course, so I presume tuition fees will be higher (seems like people might view this differently though, I'll like your opinion on this)

Durham - I've only applied because I thought my grades weren't good enough!

- Economics is very interesting for me, lots of job opportunities
- Lovely environment, perceived prestige?
- 3-year course, I can do a sandwich year too

- The collegiate system seems a little too posh for me
- Expensive to live in - I'm seriously considering living in Newcastle instead and commute to Durham
- Dunno about reputation - some say it's closer to being a business degree than an economics one? And it being a BA might adversely affect job opportunities?
- My maths isn't great

I'll appreciate any replies and advices! Should I consider going into Clearing just to get into Glasgow economics, or is that too risky given I already have solid offers?
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