Feeling forgotten by my friends

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Hi there random people of the internet, I’m not really sure who I can turn to about this so I turned to you. Recently I’ve been feeling forgotten... it’s a horrible feeling, really. Basically what happened was: I was sitting with my friends at lunch and am doing some work and can’t really leave what I’m doing or it won’t get done, the first has to go do something and the 2nd needs to get something from her locker. She takes the 3rd and last friend with her leaving me alone in this crowded space looking like a loner. I decide that I don’t want to sit alone so I stop what I’m doing and go to the locker room. By this point the first friend has returned and I tell her that I didn’t finish because I didn’t want to sit alone. We then go over to the other friends who are at friend 2’s locker and friend 1 asks why they left me. They look at me and realise that friend 1 was right and give me an overly emphasised apology that didn’t make me feel any better and then told me to my face that they had forgotten I was there. I just brushed it off but if I’m being honest, it really left a bruise on my emotions. And i don’t know... is there any way to be more memorable? Is that a thing? I’m not sure, I just know the feeling sucks and I feel awful about myself and I don’t want to tell them because I don’t want them to feel bad because of me...
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I get how you feel
But friends 1 and 2 needed to do something.
Friend 3 probably didn't want to be left with you because you were busy so there wouldn't really have been a convo

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