Could the education system do more to help working-class students?

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I come from a working-class background and am proud to say so. I currently attend a school in an average middle-class area and I currently have an issue with the lack of consideration for working-class pupils. Entering A-levels, it would be no surprise to some of the costs of textbooks, referred to as 'the cost of free schooling' by sociologist David Bull, however, having only a handful of students who are materialistically deprived, I would hope that my school would pay for such textbooks in hope of changing their mindset and grades.
While my school does give out grants, it puzzles me to what happens when working-class students lose textbooks they've had to pay for? Also, while I understand the current debt most schools are facing, it surprises me when the 'most gifted' are given trips to various 'successful talks' , where I believe these same talks could be given to working-class children to change their mentality or provide the motivation they may not face at home.

Feel free to comment below about what you think. Do you think schools have such responsibility for students?

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