Does anxiety medication work?

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My entire life I've been an anxious person and was recently diagnosed with anxiety (at the age of 17). My anxiety is strongly linked with my self esteem issues, meaning that I believe I am generally a terrible person and that my friends don't actually like me and all prefer each other over me. It's gotten so bad that I start to overthink everything and believe that I am genuinely worth nothing to no one. I dealt with really bad mood swings when I went through puberty and still 3 years later I'll just have sobbing sessions over how much I actually can't stand myself. On top of all this, I suffer from derealisation and also struggled with bulimia across the past two years. I'm at the point where I don't know what to do because getting therapy is taking way too long (although I am having an MRI scan for my derealisation incase it is caused by seizures). Should I just go to the doctors and ask for medication? I feel like there's a lot of stigma around taking medication and I don't want to become dependant on it in order to feel happy. I'm just at the point where I don't know what to do anymore.
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"happy pills" might work , if you have a caring & helpful doctor who accurately diagnoses and carefully prescribes the minimum required dose & follows-up the treatment. As the human biological organism is so completely different with each unique individual, and as our brain and innate senses are designed (still) for mesolithic hunter-gatherer style life due evolution, well everyone has different levels of dopamine, niacin, serotonin, different monthly, diurnal & hormonal cycles. We are, on the whole, a badly designed bunch of chemicals, and we are all a big mess! (tho' self-referentially 'normal' and some just handle things better, or don't have the skills to actually notice any problems)

your body/mind is amazing tho' as you say, a bit stressed recently, perhaps just the amazingly valuable placebo effect of having a shiny pill might make things better. worth trying one. I had a friend similar to you who just took some (official) tablets (once) in order to (illegally) pass her driving test. That worked.

My Other friend very recently attended a prestigious university (abroad), felt depressed, alone, unhappy etc - went to the uni psychologist (first session for free) diagnosed with an full A4 sheet of actual , real , urgent problems requiring powerful drugs, many sessions with the psychologist etc etc.- so he failed the exams at the end of first year (another symptom), and I helped him to get into a slightly less prestigious, normal, university of Leeds - not doing the prestigious Engineering degree that he thought he wanted to do, but instead focussing on his background hobby for languages. He's now in year two at Leeds, all that A4 sheet of officially diagnosed "problems" have completely disappeared, no psychologists needed, no drugs. Tho' he stopped using an acne cream as it 'might' have too active chemicals in it. Now he's very happy, completely changed, dating seriously. His drug of choice was to move environment, find his path, reduce stress level, drink the odd small bottle of cider. Be at a fun university, true collegiate place, rather than fighting at the top. That's what impressed me about the University of the West of Scotland also, they really care for their students.

As you are also a unique natural individual, you will find your path! Stop reacting, start planning. Try and work out where you want to go and who you want to be. You might have to try a few options before you get there.
So in summary drugs might work, but they are a bit 'sledgehammer-like' in their finesse, which I can see that you recognise, You should also consider accurate lifestyle changes like this

be sure and look-after your inner hunter-gatherer, there might be sabre-toothed tigers around!

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