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A bit of backstory, Im a 19 year old female studying Chemical Engineering, a pretty demanding career. I've always been considered "sharp" and a "good student" but as of late Ive begun to struggle with my mind and somehow feel even stupider than when I entered university. I was doing just fine last semester.

My brain is like scrambled eggs. It feels as if someone tore my brain into multiple pieces and left them close enough to communicate but not quite /be whole/. I always feel slightly confused and hazy and cant concentrate sometimes. Most importantly, Ive started to forget some BASIC things that you literally see in the first week of the career. I forget the names of materials Ive used hundreds of times in our laboratory. Not only that but Im always switching the names of things or stumbling a lot in my sentences. I feel so scatterbrained when Im at school and get overwhelmed sometimes because I feel like a lot of people are talking to me at the same time.

At first I thought that I was just stupid(ultimately ending in a period of depression) but I realized that I get a hold of new concepts and formulas with as much ease as I did in first semester but I cant quite seem to RETAIN it. The other day I was solving a problem in class and totally blanked on a method that I even remember having to explain to other classmates on how to do.

I go to the gym, Ive been eating healthier than ever (due to being diagnosed with colitis, not taking any pills on it though), I haven't been as stressed as other semesters so I don't really know whats going on. Im in good physical health conditions so it must be a mental condition. I have anxiety issues but Ive had that since I was a teen so it wouldn't make sense for it to suddenly affect me now.

All I know is that I cant THINK sometimes and its really taken a toll on my self-esteem since Chemical Engineering is filled with a lot of people that will judge your self worth based on your intelligence. Just letting it out and talking about it has helped me feel better at least. Thanks for reading!
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years ago, cars used petrol which had Tetra-Ethyl Lead [C8H20Pb] added (in vast quantities, worldwide) to improve engine performance.

TEL can cause acute or chronic lead poisoning if inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Indeed, the industrial chemist widely given credit for discovering the antiknock properties of the compound, Thomas Midgley, Jr., was forced to leave his job for several months in 1923 in order to recuperate from lead poisoning....The use of leaded gasoline in cars was banned ... in the European Union in 2002. half-life in our environment?

Nowadays, we are breathing-in a lot less TEL, the accidental method of attack seems to be nano-goo soot, containing PAH, particulates below 1 micrometre, (PM5), which are apparently bio-available and can cross the blood/brain barrier.

Are you studying where the PM's are pervasive?
a UN WHO/BBC news gave these values (in 2018)
The 30 UK places (and Gibraltar) that exceeded the limit of 10 micrograms per cubic metre:
Scunthorpe: 15 (estimate)
Gibraltar: 14
Manchester: 13
Swansea: 13
Gillingham: 13 (estimate)
Carlisle: 12 (estimate)
Chepstow: 12 (estimate)
Leeds: 12
Leicester: 12
Liverpool: 12
Grays: 12 (estimate)
Eccles: 12 (estimate)
Nottingham: 12 (estimate)
Plymouth: 12 (estimate)
York: 12
Prestonpans: 12
Royal Leamington Spa: 12
Sandy: 12
Sheffield: 12 (estimate)
Stoke-On-Trent: 12
Coventry: 11
Hull: 11 (estimate)
Londonderry: 11 (estimate)
Middlesbrough: 11
Norwich: 11 (estimate)
Southend-On-Sea: 11
Stockton-On-Tees: 11
Storrington: 11
Wigan: 11

The 17 areas that are at the limit:
Armagh:10 (estimate)
Birmingham: 10
Brighton: 10
Bristol: 10
Cardiff: 10
Eastbourne: 10
Harlington: 10
Newcastle: 10 (estimate)
Newport: 10
Oxford: 10
Portsmouth: 10
Preston: 10
Salford: 10 (estimate)
Saltash: 10
Southampton: 10
Stanford-Le-Hope: 10
Port Talbot: 10

otherwise, yes , analytically write your symptoms down, have your bloods & meds done - eat more bananas (randomly chosen superfood - try this 'random' also), you might have a background something, friends have had 'mono', 'hepA,' and rarely auto-Immune stuff, tick bites etc

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