IR spec: Need help with identifying compound

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Hey everyone,

Based on my tests and my IR spectra, I can't for the life of me find the ballpark identity of this compound or at least the active functional groups. Any takers? I provided some information on tests that I've already run.

Here's the link to the IR spectra:

2,4-DNP Derivative Test

Negative test result. Mixture remained orange with no precipitate formation, and no other signs of reactivity. Unknown compound is not an aldehyde or ketone.

Jones Test

Negative test result. Solution remained dark with no additional signs of reactivity. Primary and secondary alcohols, ketones and aldehydes ruled out.

Hydroxamic Acid Test for Esters

Negative. Reaction resulted in a white slushy substance with no additional signs of reactivity beyond absorbing yellow coloration upon addition of ferric chloride. Ester function ruled out.

Baeyer Unsaturation Test

Negative test result. No reaction; unknown failed to react with dilute KMnO4 evidenced by no disappearance of the purple-colored reagent. No double or triple bonds present, ruling out alkenes and alkynes.

Ceric Ammonium Nitrate Test

Negative. No observable change in physical or chemical properties upon addition of ceric ammonium nitrate beyond initial yellow coloring. The absence of a red color formation indicates that the compound is not a primary, secondary or tertiary alcohol.

Ferrous Hydroxide Reduction

Positive test resulted in the formation of an opaque dark orange colored compound similar to the positive control, nitrobenzene.

Treatment of Aromatic Nitro Compounds with Sodium Hydroxide

Upon mixing, the reagents and unknown compound produced a clear biphasic system where the evolution of small bubbles were observed. These observations were consistent with those of the nitrobenzene control, but not the m-dinitrobenzene control, indicating that the compound contained no more than a single nitro functional group. In addition, the compound likely lacked conjugation due to the absence of color altogether.

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