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Hello all,

I've just found an issue with my car where when i'm driving if i push the car to about 4.5k revs it will clunk even after a gear change until it just stops like two bits of metal hitting each other until they fall into the right place. I've checked the exhaust for blows and the car drives fine with loads of power until this noise happens, if i keep the revs around 3k it won't happen and theres no issues however as soon as i venture a bit higher it starts again. The cars a vauxhall astra G (MK IV) 1.6 and so far i have replaced the spark plugs, O2 sensor bank 1 sensor 2 and it's had 2 oil changes.

EDIT: After a small drive today i can tell the noise can happen in any gear but is more likely to happen in 3rd - 5th, as soon as the noise happens i lose some power but as soon as it stops it comes back. I'm a little concerned it may be a gearbox fault.

Appreciate any help.
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