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I'm currently in Year 12 and want to go into Pharmaceutical Research later on in the future. I do the IB so I'm doing Biology Chemistry and Geography HL then English Maths Studies and Japanese standard level.

I wanted to do Pharm Research which is why I was told I didn't need maths (hence why I am doing studies) but now I've just realised that I want to do Mchem as an undergraduate degree which has a lot of Maths and Physics in it. (I didn't know what undergrad course I was doing before).

It's too late to change so during the summer I plan on teaching myself the Standard Maths and Physics content?

My issue atm now is I'm not sure which course I'm supposed to take. There is:

1. MChem/BSChem Chemistry
2. MChem/ BSChem Chemistry for Drug Discovery
3. MChem/ BSC Chemistry (Medicinal)

Courses two and three will help me get the skills to do Pharmaceutical Research but Course One does as well, it's also broader and I think there are loads more job prospects as well for Pharma and Hard Science whereas Courses 2 and 3 will limit me to just Pharma but will probably help me with that specific pathway much more.

Which course do I pick? And how do I deal with the issue with Maths and Physics? I don't know if there are modules for Maths but I fear I will be behind anyway. Should I start learning and/or building my Maths and Physics knowledge now? Or is there no point as I will not be able to do the IB exams for the subjects?

I find those subjects interesting, I just didn't pick them because you can't do triple science at IB and I didn't think I was smart enough to do Chem and Physics
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Any chemistry course that doesn't have maths as a prerequisite will teach you the maths you need to know
For physics, just know basic concepts, but again they teach you what you need to know

For the difference between courses, it depends on the uni, for medchem/drug discovery you'll have more modules focused on organic chemistry whereas a straight MChem course will have more physical chemistry which you may struggle with a little to start but there will be plenty of other people on your course who didn't do maths/physics so you won't be alone!
Definitely look into doing a year in industry (third year), gives you experience working in pharma, and you can know for sure if it's a good career choice for you or if you'd prefer to go into somewhere else!

Focus on your choices and worry about maths/physics when you know which uni you will be at and what the course content will be

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