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Hey all... a very warm welcome to mon petite corner of the Internet and School Student room. I am currently in year twelve and studying Biology, Chemistry and English.

Down to business, I don't know if this forum shall ever see the light of day in this ever-expanding universe that is the forums, but alas to shall continue. I am currently, not doing so well in English. I am about to start studying hard to get my grade up, but on the side of this, I was thinking of starting a blog. A blog of books, papers and reviews and stuff that can help with further reading, English A-level and GCSE and for anyone who wishes to look for great books to read or an educational insight to their favourite. Or perhaps even write a review and information themselves. Is this worth starting... and if you like the idea, what names might you suggest. Or if you want to help publish articles, reviews etc. I will be very grateful if you would like to contribute to the blog in its early stages. Thank You. James

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