Failed maths GCSE twice- Have questions

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As of literally 10 minutes ago I got my GCSE maths re-take results back and failed once again. I moved schools for sixth form but did my maths re-take with my old school instead of with my new school, will I be able to do this again because my head of year says if I fail a second time I have to re-take with the school which would be problematic considering my old school did not teach us virtually any mental maths and both our GCSE papers were calculator while my new schools GCSE maths are one mental maths paper and one calculator and I know nothing about mental maths. Can I re-take with my old school again? and also another question, theoretically if I fail a third time does that affect me progressing in sixth form to the second year (year 13)? Help please.

I am in my first year of sixth form btw.
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Sorry to hear about the result, but try not to panic.
Plenty of people have a blindspot for certain subjects and maths is a common one.
It is still an important subject to have and you need to keep on retaking till 18 or you pass.
GCSE maths is offered twice a year in the UK, during the Summer April to June and in the Autumn about November time. Its in your interest to pass asap and use up those attempts.

I think now you are in the new school the responsibility for retakes lies with them.
I would get feedback and possibly your script back to id why you failed.
You dont say how close you were.
I would talk to your maths teacher or head of maths at the new school and explain the situation.
Its unknown whether you will fare better with calculator or non calculator papers. You might do better without, bit if you can make a case for 2x calculator options, then ask.
They are not bound to put you in for November so you could pay yourself and select 2x calculator.

What you really need to do is find out where you are going wrong and practice rather than give up and feel you cant do it.

Not passing GCSE Maths shouldnt have any effect on getting to year 13, but it may well affect your uni applications as nearly all require you to have GCSE Maths and English.
It is therefore in your interest to pass as soon as possible.

If Maths is an absolute blindspot, then you may need to consider Functional Skills maths as backup because some (not all) unis accept it.

I think that answered everything.

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