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A girl I'm friends with ditched me and no longer talks with me suddenly, she's stopped responding to my messages and ghosted me, I feel so hurt in side and my heart hurts because of it. I've never done anything to hurt her or anything it's just happened out of nowhere. We were friends for 2 years seeing each other every day. I kinda feel ashamed because I've been in tears all day because of this

It's made me feel upset and depressed and I just want to sleep to make the pain go away inside. This has happened to be more than once also.

I'm 20 also.

Any advice?
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I know the feeling, it’s awful isn’t it .. we were best friends for a couple of years and then she slowly stopped answering my texts and we didn’t hang out anymore. I was then told by someone else close to me that it’s completely natural for people to drift apart, and if she didn’t want to hang out with me then it was her loss. It was just a thing that happened and the best way to get over it was to move on with my life and spend time with other people. And sure, whenever I see her I cant help but feel a bit upset that she didn’t seem to blink twice about leaving me, but I realised there was nothing I could do. I couldn’t force her to be my friend again and now I enjoy my time with my current friends.

Hopefully my experience helps you feel better.

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