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I need help in being myself how can I start it’s a difficult path cause I haven’t ever been myself .. I never been happy being me so do anyone have any tips on how I should start ...
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Think about things you enjoy or feel are important. For example lots of people feel passionate about animal rights, climate change, politics, lgbt+ rights etc.

Sometimes thinking about others and volunteering for something we value can be great for us and help build our confidence and give us the sense of doing something of value.

Also could you seek some counselling to help with this feeling? If you feel you've never truly been authentic to yourself then there are probably reasons for this. A good counsellor could help.

There may be free counselling available in your area if you're under 25. Have a look on Mind and Rethink websites.

Good luck
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frenchbeanuk I appreciate your advice yup I have 0 confidence I always wished to be like others .. I started therapy last year in May I was going to therapy for four months I was going because I needed help because I was catfishing for a long time. I wanted stop and I didn’t know how .Therapy didn’t help me I was let down the canceled my sessions because the it was only for severely mentally ill people . She told me to go to another therapy place instead but it feels like it will be waste of time to start over . Ok I’ll check out the websites
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