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I was just wondering whether someone might be able to give me some advice?

I am feeling totally overwhelmed at the moment, and I am struggling to cope with severe anxiety as a result.

I am a student teacher and just about to start my final 10 week placement, I am also renovating a house (big project - the house is currently un-livable. We are on a very tight budget, so are having to do a lot of it ourselves), and I am trying to plan my wedding (also having to do most of this ourselves because of the budget). I feel as though I am suffocating! I am struggling to cope with everything, and I feel as though my fiance and I hardly see each other unless it's to work on the house. We used to do so many lovely things and have so much fun together (I used to be so relaxed), but now we don't seem to have time. I am constantly stressed and anxious, and I know that I often take it out on him. He is pretty chilled by nature, and very understanding, but I know that it is affecting him too - I feel very guilty.

I was just wondering whether anyone might have any coping strategies that they have used which have helped them?

Thank you so much
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Ok I'm just going to bullet point some suggestions and hope something sticks!
-Meditation. It's so helpful! I personally recommend using Headspace.
- Create a plan of everything so you know when you will be doing stuff
- Try and get friends to help with the renovation. It might seem like a project to you but it might be a well-needed break for them!
- Have a night out with your partner to try and reduce the stress.

Hope this helps and good luck! <3
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