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Me and my girlfriend were having sex, she'd just orgasmed and i was about to climax and she asked to pause for a second. It didn't even register in my head and i kept thrusting until she told me a second time to pause and thats when i stopped. And everytime she's said to pause or stop i always have done, and it took her saying it twice this time.

This ended up making her break down and it hurt her so much and i have no idea what to do. I even suggested that she called the police on me, but she refused. She still wants to be with me and still wants a future with me, she even said that she doesn't blame me or holds it against me.

I feel absolutely awful, i feel like i've broken her beyond repair and i don't know what to do. I spoke to a counsellor about this and she insists that i didn't hurt her as much as i think she does , but i don't think i'm human anymore and i don't know if i can live with myself knowing that i hurt my own girlfriend like this, i feel disgusting and i dont know if i can ever trust myself to have sex again after this because it could be much worse next time. I keep having breakdowns about it and i don't even deserve to because i'm the one who caused this.

I don't know what to do, because we're moving forward because of it but i feel like i don't deserve her loving me and even after that she still says that i'm a good person and that i didn't mean to and that she still trusts me
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Don't worry, some people may miss the information of the senses when they are just about to orgasm. Take it as a "physiological" response, pity that it happened at the wrong time.

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