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I'm an American student studying Medieval Byzantium who came abroad to St. Andrews my third year and decided to transfer and stay on. I have already been accepted to Edinburgh for an MSC in Late Antique, Medieval, and Byzantine Studies, and am waiting to hear from Oxford for their analogous program. My grades are not what I would wish them to be, two 1sts and three high 2.1.'s. I hope to attain a 1st in my special subject and my thesis both of which are ongoing. My grades at my former school would have mostly been considered 1sts with some 2.1's. I have recommendations from the professors who gave me the 2.1's as well, and both were extremely difficult classes. I fear whether or not this places me in a strong position for Oxford. I also wish to ask those with the requisite knowledge whether the Oxford program is significantly better than that in Edinburgh. Both seem to be extremely rigorous and to have excellent scholars on their staff. I know the cache of Oxford goes a long way, especially if I were to return home to the United States for a PHD as I hope to do. I wonder whether anyone can shed light on the matter.
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