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For starters, don't do what I'm doing right now, sat at my laptop at 3 o'clock on a Sunday afternoon spontaneously beginning a blog..

But seriously, after studying my A-levels for nearly a year now, I'm yet to have the med term mental breakdown, so for now, lets attempt to salvage the small amount of positivity I still have left, by creating a list of Do's and Dont's in order for you to achieve the best grades you possibly can!!

This is so important. I work after school3 days a week so this encourages me to do this. Think about it, would you rather get all your school work done in the day, get some revision done too if possible, so then later your able to go home at night knowing your up to date with all your work, so then you can just finally relax?! If you say no, your wrong, sorry.

If you were given homework a week ago and its in for tomorrow, but you've just been given homework in for today that's due in in 3 days, don't do the one you've been given today! The closest due in homework is always the most important. I know it sounds stupid, but I've seen people do this. One of my mates I've had to help literally sot out his whole life and timetable. He just can't stick to deadlines. One way that I find helps is doing your homework as soon as you get it, don't leave it and think 'ill do it later'. At the end of the day, even if its a huge essay, your going to have to do it some time - so no time like the present, right?

If you are seriously struggling with the work you've been set, whether its due to the fact that you just can't get your head around the concept of which you have been asked to study, or you seriously couldn't be bothered to do the work pretty much (even though I would advise completing as soon as you get it, as previously stated), never copy your mates work. The only thing you'll be doing there is preventing the inevitable. My friend does this, and as harsh as it sounds, I wouldn't be surprised if she receives C's, D's and E's in her mocks even fails.. She just doesn't make the effort to complete her own work, and is always asking to take pictures or "borrow" mine to see how I've done it. I don't want to make myself sound a "good 2 shoes" or anything, but you know if you put all your effort into producing a good piece of work of a brilliant standard and hone someone decides they're copying yours, its kinda irritating. To try resolve this problem, I've tried sitting her down and teaching her the subject myself, but no such look. She only uses her frees to talk with others and quite frankly distract them. Don't worry guys, I've told her all this, but she denies any acknowledgement, and says she is unable to do her work at schools she is "distracted". Anyway.. rant over. tThe point is, copying other's work will get you no where. Instead of burying your head in the sand, why not pick yourself up, dust yourself off and tackle your revision head on. I don't know about you, but my teachers are always happy to go over topics I'm unsure about again, and whenever I have not fully understood a homework, I feel confident enough to ask my teacher to explain a little bit more. I'm sure they'd much rather you do that than turn up to lesson with no work, right?

Have you got any Do's or Dont's for A-levels?
Leave them below to help others
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I have one...
This seems obvious but some people have too much pride or are too scared to ask when they need help. There will never be a question too dumb. Teachers can only teach A levels if that subject is one that they carried to university or are very specialised in, so they’re gonna know the answer. During my revision I write down a list of questions I have and ask the teacher before or after the lesson and they explain it quite well. Teachers do want to help, they do not want you to sit in silence and get D-Us when you can ask what you don’t get and get C-A*
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