Can't identify the 4 fundamental interactions

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I can tell you the difference between them in terms of range and all that jazz, but I don't actually know how to identify which interaction is happening between certain particles.

An example of the kind of question I'm on about is like this:
Two particles (proton and neutron) transform in to an electron anti-neutrino and an electron (through a W- boson), state the type of interaction that occurs in this decay.

Can anyone please explain to me the best way possible to identify the different interactions?

Apparently I can't read Feynman diagrams either, what I meant to say was the neutron turns into the proton through emitting a W- which decays into an electron and electron-antineutrino.
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There are three types of interactions you need to know about. The weak, strong,electromagnetic and gravity. However, the affect of gravity is so feeble that particle physists never bother about it. The weak interaction affects all types of particles and has a gauge boson of W- and W+. The strong affects all types of particles and has pions (+,-,0) and only affects hadrons. The electromagnetic has a gauge boson of a virtual photons that only affect charged particles.

The best way to identify them is to pretty much learn them, there aren't even many to learn. Electron capture, electron-proton collision, Beta-Plus and Beta-minus are all examples of the weak interaction taking place. Electromagnetic repulsion is an example of the electromagnetic interaction. Only hadrons can interact via the strong interaction so if you have a question only involving hadrons, the interaction will most definitely be the strong interaction.

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