IGCSE French Oral 2019 [2019 Thread]

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Hello guys! I've decided to start this thread, so that everyone who's taking the IGCSE French Oral for the May/June 2019 session can voice their concerns or simply ask for advice from other members. I'm quite nervous for my speaking test, keeping in mind that I want to achieve an A so I can focus on other subjects.

My topic presentations is about l'environnement, and tbh the topic presentation questions are the hardest for me. They're in depth, quite long and require quick thinking. The general conversation is going to be quite hard, but slightly easier than the topic presentation questions as the questions tend to be straightforward. The role play is usually easy, but if it's about buying furniture or talking to the doctor about feeling sick, it's going to be slightly harder for me. (idk much vocab concerning these topics)

Best of luck to every IGCSE French student out there! Remember to try and get a high B, at the minimum, as it'll be possible to bring the grade up in the Listening, Reading and Writing. (Any native French speakers taking this exam? If so you're really lucky xD)

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