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well, i dont know how to begin really, my mother use to be happy and nice and loving, but my mother then started to act strange, quiet in the opposite moods i just mentioned, aggressive and angry. I don't know how but i believe it is due to the cause of a heart problem she has of which ( if i recall correctly ) her heart tendon ( or something like that ) was discovered to be weak which is why she had chest pains. but her mood only seems to get worse and worse, i am in question in how to respond to this crisis if their is anyone that can help.
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You need to give a lot of your time to your mother, you need to show her that you are there for her no matter what, and you need to show her you love her unconditionally. Stay with her and remind her of your past memorable moments, which will make her happy and will remind her of how she used to be and how things are different from before. After this, you can try and talk to her about what you are worried for, this will help understanding to be better and will also make her realise that you have a lot of trust on her and you can talk to her easily. Hope this helped

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