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Hey! I recently got accepted into the PPLE course in the University of Amsterdam which starts in September 1st. However, I read some bad comments about it here. Is there anyone currently studying PPLE that could give me some of their opinions and experiences with it?
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Hello !

I'm studying PPLE and am quite happy about it overall.

Obviously there are courses that can be improved (e.g. Rhetoric or Decision Making) and PPLE is also not exempt from Western-wide issues like a left-wing political bias in higher education. But I experienced the feedback system at PPLE as very efficient, meaning that student feedback is honestly considered and acted upon. As an example, the courses in Rhetoric and Philosophy of Social Science got changed a lot in terms of literature and assessment after my year-group criticised it. In general, the responsiveness of teachers in the Netherlands is higher than in other countries (e.g. Germany) and it can be argued that it is even higher in PPLE due to its small-scale nature. This also makes for a great learning experience.

Regarding the courses, I highly appreciate that the courses themselves are interdisciplinary which is quite a rare thing. For example the course "Law, Justice and Morality I" combines legal theory with ethics and political philosophy and is one of the best courses I've had. From the minor courses I've taken in other faculties so far, I think that the average quality of PPLE courses is higher than the average quality of most courses at the UvA.

PPLE is great for those who value a broad and critical education. However, if you are already sure that you want to do one specific subject, you might get frustrated with the lack of possibilities of gaining depth and practical experience in that subject. Otherwise, I would go for it and I definitely don't regret my choice of studying PPLE.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me!

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