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Hi Guys,

My name's Carl, I'm a first year Medic at Barts and I'm starting this forum so you can ask me anything about what med school is like, grades, etc.

I remember being in your position last year and hoping for a forum like this, and I was so grateful when people actually took the time to do it, so this is like me giving back, I guess?

Plus the ones that the Uni's do through their official channels are complete bs, I want to tell you what med school is really like.

To answer like 99.9% of questions here's my stats pre med school:

GCSE: 9As 2Bs and a Distinction Star (lol idk why I bother writing that one :P)
A Level: A*AA (Bio, Chem, Phys) AS: B (Maths)
UKCAT: (I can hardly remember), my average was 667.5 I think?

Anyway yeah ask away, I'm also starting a youtube channel to help you lot get into medicine (its still in development, but I've got the intro atleast):

- Carl

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