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Hey all,
This is a bit random I know but I was wondering whether anyone could help me out. I've just been diagnosed with herpes and I'm currently saying a guy that is enlisted in the army. Was wondering whether anyone would know how this would affect his career if he tested positive for herpes too.
I know they can kick you out for hiv but can they kick you out if you have herpes?
Thank you
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I think about 95% of humans have a herpes virus, mostly dormant. So purely on that basis, it's a "No", however...

Having untreated active shedding infection might be detrimental, but I don't think that it is a "notifiable" STD like some of the other 'super' diseases that are around at present. Many of the herpes family can be treated by generic retrovirals, this is espcially important for rare eye/brain infections and in extreme recrudesence episodes, and of course pregnancy, when it can be life threatening.

Most importantly , early recognition and initiation of therapy is key and may reduce the duration of illness from herpes family, you should also check for HIV as that can be co-present with HSV/HL/HZ, Follow your doctor's prescriptions for aciclovir, valaciclovir or famciclovir oral tablets as these are a lot more effective than topical creams.

Although it is a high stress time to discover HSV-1, 2 or whatever is present, the (serious) complications are very rare and nearly everybody has this viral family present in some form or other. It often can lie dormant after the first infection, can be moderated by low doses of AV, can flare-up, typiocally in winter, bright sunshine, stress, etc - but sometimes can also hardly have any future episodes.

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