Higher French Speaking - is it essential for the conversation to be 10 mins? Watch

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My talking performance is tomorrow and I’ve been learning my questions and answers for it. I just timed myself there and it only reached around 7 mins 20 seconds. I really don’t have time to learn more answers and get them checked over by a teacher this late on, but also don’t want to do it all tomorrow and end far too early. This is already including 4 intro questions and two different sets of contexts. I will try asking my teacher 2 or 3 questions to take up more time but she already says she won’t be answering in detail because it’s not her who’s getting examined. What would she do if what I have prepared isn’t enough? Just start making stuff up and I need to think on my feet?

Has anyone done it already this year or been told the protocol by their teacher? Is it okay to be that much under 10 mins? Do you get marked down? I know I’ll probably be slightly slower trying to remember it tomorrow under pressure and I can try slowing down in general but I don’t think I can squeeze another 3 minutes.

I’m really stressed about this I don’t know if you can tell haha
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My experience is from the language orals in a French school in France, but I expect the principle is the same. We had 10 minutes speaking, then 10 minutes Q&A. Provided you last at least 5 minutes talking, you should be fine. The teacher will then prompt you, or you can go on and have a longer Q&A/conversation. I know some people who only spoke on their own for about two minutes, but expressed themselves well afterwards and got decent marks. For my Spanish oral I spoke for only 6 minutes or so, but got an A*. Obviously do try and talk for as long as possible, but there's no point saying irrelevant stuff or repeating yourself.

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